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    That last photo I reblogged is my answer to this question!
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    With a sustaining job helping mommy and daddy and in making a difference in someones life.
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    Happily Ever After…
  7. dreamsforwings answered: in a whales blowhole
  8. writeavenue answered: Hopefully my first job, apartment, and living with no one but, my dog and my lovely bamboo plant.
  9. josephm7 answered: on the court
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  12. alfornia answered: i see tumblr in 2022 being the first to open internet cafes on the
  13. grabyourpack answered: Honestyl, if
  14. more-pants answered: buying a cactus
  15. dloburns answered: sitting
  16. amelialynn answered: on tumblr duh
  17. bscbbscs answered: being out of college and into producing music, my dream
  18. diamondwisdom answered: OMG, in ten years I’ll be 37… I guess I’ll be taking care of my kinds, and hopefully managing my own motion graphics studio.
  19. godandcountrylife answered: On the internet?
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  21. chaos-and-cookies answered: in the mirror
  22. megabowl answered: As an intern who just got out of medical school and works at a respected hospital.
  23. goddamn-arms-race answered: on tumblr
  24. erika123465 answered: i see myself in collage studying to be a docter:)
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  27. imh-hau answered:…
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  29. thebrittanywills answered: being 21
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  32. kaye-johnson answered: in my billion dollar house off any coast, it doesnt matter where. but doing a ton of things, i will be able to be successful before thirty
  33. tallames answered: In ten years, I will be your date at the Oscars. I predict I will clap so hard during your acceptance speech that someone will kick me out.
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  35. the-iranian-jumping-bean answered: Somewhere on a stage :3
  36. cheekybiscuits answered: flying on my spaceship